I can't register my project what should i do

i can’t register my project

Hi @user1195, since your project was recently published, it might take some time for it to pass through the anti-spam system.

it will be published for itself or i need to publish it again

It will be detectable in teaRank without any additional actions on your part, you’ll just have to register it once it’s detectable.
Developing and growing your project will help speed up this process.

how will i know it will be detectable ?

maybe, checking after 2-3 days I think.

look at this message
and how to know it will be detectable ?

Periodically search for your project in teaRank, or on the project registration page.

3 days has passed and i m getting no response from the team i rejected or passed §!!!

i added the file in my repository but still can not verify my project

You need to update repository.url to:
“repository”: {
“type”: “git”,
“url”: “GitHub - adnzer/tea

i registred now bro but i can’t claim the reward from registring my project i also staked the 10 TEA reward given but still not getting reward , and the task will finish soon

where i can see my staked TEA i have staked 10

Points for project registration were only awarded during challenge 1. As for rewards, please wait 24 hours as your project has recently been registered and has not yet earn any rewards.