I can't registerd my project

Please update my project, thank you
Here is my link GitHub - Lusficer/Tea-sample
If show me problems if i have one

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Hi @Godzu, could you share the package manager link?


Here sir

Apart from the fact that your project was published 7 hours ago, there are no other projects that would depend on it.

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so i should wait 24h to register ?

No, you need to develop your project so that there are other projects in the OSS ecosystem that would run on it.


oh, right thanks, and btw if i use my own OSS package, does this count ?

um hey, there 1 dependent, can you check and give my project permission ?
here is the Link @godzu/tea-sample - npm

The algorithm indexes projects and assigns them teaRank, projects are not manually checked or approved.

okay thank you but I still can not see my project :frowning:

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It may take some time for it to pass the spam filter.

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okay thank you so much,
sir :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

um hello sir, sorry to bother you again but right now, I still have not seen my project yet . :frowning: