I can't sign in

I used gmail to sign in
after I clear cookies and cash im trying to use same gmail and see like im creating new account but name is already taken
I also have registered oss project: appbuz

  • ‘0x0A055BefE265f182FD662c3B76E207A39aA10F9F’
  • ‘0xE2Bb5740cd69176b40f6db030d1Bf75D006b10a0’
    here 2 addresses one of the is my brother’s and second - mine
    what can I do

Hey @evgeniibuz, please check and make sure you are using the same email as the one you used for sign-up. You may now be trying to log in with the email set in the settings for notifications, when in fact at sign-up you used a different email or method.
We don’t collect data, so we can’t verify which method and account you used at sign-up.

But can u check what’s the teaname my project have been registered?

Yes, but in most cases this is public information that correlates with GitHub data.