I can't validation my project

help sir,
i can’t validation my project.
my project regist invalid.
i am already add file to my repo but not work

Hi! Send please the links to your project.

me too i can’t register my project which link do i need to give you

Can you please help me also, i’ve been trying to validate my project since but it’s not working…

Could you please send the link to the project package manager?

Hello ,me too i can’t register my project! Can someone help me with it?

Could you send me the links to your project?

HI, I cant valid my project. showing invalid.

here is a link to my project. https://app.tea.xyz/my-projects/9808be59-7217-41a7-b729-de837057ec83

Please do not try to register projects that do not belong to you or to which you are not a core contributor.