I connot validate my project

Could you send the links (GitHub, npm) to your project?

There is a typo in reposiory.url, delete the period (.) at the end of the URL.

do i have to change it in the packed.json section?

Yes, and publish to npm.

yes me too still same problem with him

You don’t need to change the name of the tea.yaml file. Please delete the .yaml files from the project repository, and repeat the registration process.
Add the tea.yaml file exactly as you download it from the tea app, do not make any changes to it.

I’ve put in the tea.yml into the repository but still can’t validate my project, why??

The file extension must be .yaml (not .yml).

I already changed the extension but still won’t validate constitution.

Here look

Looks like you didn’t delete them, and didn’t add the tea.yaml file, see: