I created my first project, how long do I have to wait for validation?

Снимок экрана 2024-02-27 в 02.22.10Validating Constitution

Hi! Are these projects you built or projects you contributed to?
Or did you select these projects randomly from the list?

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I have created these projects and will be working on them

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Could you send the git link?

The projects you are trying to register are not yours and you did not contribute to them, even if they have a similar name, your repositories were created recently and have only one file.
When you register a project check the git link to make sure you are registering the correct project, as there are many projects with similar names.

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Can I register this project?

Can you tell me the criteria needed to register a project?

If it is teaRank detectable you can certainly register it, for more information on criteria and how to make your project teaRank detectable see this post:

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ThanksBut I can’t find this project when I create it

Please read the criteria above, it is not enough to create a repository, it must be published to a package manager and must have dependencies and dependents.


please check mine, registerede since 2 days and still cant access it

These are single file repositories, they do not meet the criteria, see

i thank u, i tried to publish on one of the acceptable ones and i picked APT, nmn and i was told to come here and talkm to support.

Have you published the projects?
Also just publishing is not enough, the project must have at least one dependent and dependency to be indexed in teaRank.