I followed the register step

i have a OSS project that registered in npm for 7 days but i cannot register it in “register your OSS project” section, why is that occure ?

thanks before

Please check the requirements here:

Your project requires to have at least 1 dependencies/dependents


thanks for your reply, but i have publish it for 7 days ago

I see, but the indexer will likely only index projects that met the requirements.

so can you show me sir, what kind of project that met the requirements ?, i would love to contribute in open source world if i can

Check this post sir Quick Guide: Registering your OSS Project

As I mentioned above, dependencies / dependent must be > 0.

i see, the dependents sections is my package is using with other package right ?

dependencies: the libraries that your project have required
dependents: other libraries that have required your project

thank you for your reply sir, appreciated it

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