I have some problem's with task's, please help me!

  1. Rewards for tasks on Twitter do not arrive
  2. I can’t send tea to staking, it always gives an error
  3. I can’t transfer tea to another user, the data is correct, but when sending it gives an error.
  4. I created two projects, it also doesn’t count, so I can’t complete all the tasks associated with this item.
    It’s very disappointing, please solve my problem
    My twitter: @RodionTabor
    Tea account: tabors2

Hi @RodionTabor,

If you haven’t received points in 1-2 days, most likely the data entered is wrong, invalid entries will be reviewed, and probably your entry to be revalidated.

We are aware of this issue, we are working with the provider to fix it. In the meantime, a temporary solution would be to re-login or open the tea app in incognito mode of your browser.

What do you mean, projects are not shown in the teaRank search?

I registered two open source projects through the Git Hub, but I didn’t synchronize the tea with the Git Hub. I can’t find where to do this, I’ll be grateful if you help.
So, I made two projects through the Git Hub, but they are not displayed in the “My Open Source Projects” tab.

Thank you so much for the tip about staking, it worked!!!
What about other problems?

The Proof of Contribution algorithm relies on package manager data, so to be indexed you must publish your projects to one of the supported package managers (APT, Crates, Homebrew, npm, pkgx, PyPI and RubyGems).
This is only one step, your packages must be used by other projects in the OSS ecosystem for them to be assigned teaRank.