I lost my 10000 balance

i lost my 10000 balance after unstaked ,why ?please help me

this is project address

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Do you stake all your tea in just 1 project ?

just one project ,but not all but half

i staked 5000 first time and unstake once then i staked 5000 again
unstake again

You can wait, then you will get a notification to claim your unstaken tea

so calm down, no need to panic

thank you so much ,then i will wait

You’re welcome, for lessons, just stake 500-1000 tea per project

i lost my 10000 teas after unstaked from project ,i can’t find my balance anywhere please help me ,may be this is the big bug you ever seen before

Hey @airwalker112, unstaking period is 5 days, this information is indicated when you initiate the unstaking transaction.

thank you so much i will be wait