I not see my project on tea. I've been waiting 2 days

I have been waiting for several days for the link I registered to appear. I am trying to create a project where users can monitor Ethereum (EVM) tokens using Python as the core languages…
However, for future developments, I will be using JavaScript for a more polished user interface.
so when will my test link appear? and can I participate in the tea program? How to run it is in the guide and requires the API in Ethscan.

github : GitHub - AbdulRochimDev/WebTokenTracker-A-Python-Web-App-for-Ethereum-Tokens-Tracking: WebTokenTracker: A Python Web App for Ethereum Tokens Tracking WebTokenTracker is a Python web application that simplifies tracking and analyzing your Ethereum token portfolio. With a user-friendly web interface, WebTokenTracker helps you manage your crypto investments more efficiently.
npm : https://www.npmjs.com/package/trackingtoken (alternative beta test javascript)

Hello, your project must be published for over 24 hours and have at least one dependent to meet the criteria.

hello how to add contributor in our project?

on platform say
"If you are a contributor of this project, you can request to be added to the project’s constitution by sharing your tea username with the person who registered the project. "

nice to see you reply, I created a github 3 days ago. for npm it is a beta project of javascript + python. I think the criteria have been met. are there other criteria?

As I mentioned in the previous post:

how about now? i think has 24 hours

Yes, but it still doesn’t have any dependents. It needs at least one to meet the minimum requirements.

still not showing sir

We have an anti-spam system in place, so some new projects might not pass it, or might pass it after a long period of time and significant impact towards the OSS space.

sir, please kindly check this. I’ve 1 Dependents but still not registered (invalid) on app tea. thanks

The Proof of Contribution algorithm calculates and assigns teaRank to projects. However, to ensure spam protection and accurate teaRank calculation, some data may differ. Artificially added dependents might not be considered in this process.

i add dependents on my own terminal sir and re-publish it again