I registered my project but I didn't get the 10k, please help, admin

saya daftarkan proyek saya tapi saya tidak mendapatkan 10 k tehnya tolong bantu ya admin

I registered my project but I didn’t get the 10k, please help, admin

there is some delay i think from theirend

Hi, could you send the treasury address of the project?

Is that it

my name project zzeb



It’s a UI issue, we’re working on fixing it. Please try again later.

okay, let me know when you can

Until now, still haven’t received the 10k tea, is it still an error?

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You have tokens in your account, but they are not displayed to the UI, the issue has not yet been fixed.

its like me too so i need to wait,

hi can you check mine to ? are mine already have the 10k in this address ??


Yes, if tokens are not displayed in the project treasury yet, you will have to wait for this issue to be fixed.

is there any news for the update sir ?

Not yet, we are working on fixing this issue. Sorry for the delay.

sure just wanna know is there any update, thank sir