I want my project to be added to TEA


I want my E-Mail Tag Input package developed for React native to be added on TEA.

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Hi! What package manager do you use? If you cannot find your projects in teaRank see this article


I’m using npm. I just published my project.

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If you have just published your project check back tomorrow, teaRank is updated daily

I have another project, the Ruby Gems project, which has been live and actively used for 4 years. There is also a link problem in it, although I updated the link yesterday, it is still not active.

You have to wait a little while for it to be displayed in teaRank with the updated link.
The link issue will be fixed.

It’s been almost 48 hours. My update still hasn’t happened. My link error continues. I’m transmitting a visual. Although it works in gem, it doesn’t work in tea.