I'm trying to add a project but it gives me an error!

I am trying to add my project but I get an error, what is the reason for this? It has been giving this error for 3-4 days… Dependents and Dependencies and package terms are provided… How can we solve this problem? Maybe there may be a bug…

Perhaps you should consider my suggestion here (Improving the Indexing Process of Newly Added OSS Projects in Tea Protocol (indexing on demand) )

NPM Package:

My Tea Username: furkancelik

Hello, we have applied a fix for the invalid source URL error. Please publish a new version of your package today so that it can be re-indexed and you can successfully register your project.

Also, change the URL format to:

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Thank you. I will soon publish an updated version as you specified. But when I check before publishing, it looks like in the image. but in my project
There are 1 Dependencies and 1 Dependents.
It looks like the data overlaps a bit.

im also like this how to fixed that!!

The tea protocol relies on data from the package manager but not all information will be the exact same as we had to adjust the variables to ensure spam protection and accurate teaRank calculations. The tea protocol is reconciles different dependencies and dependents for each version of a package which is why there may be a delta in what you see in the package manager and the tea protocol. Your project may have more dependents on tea than on npm because teaRank includes your own package as a dependent of itself as part of our spam protection strategy.

We are developing a mail application for React native. And in this application, we prepared the mail writing process as a package in the mail sending part. Then there was a mail validate process in the content of this package. We prepared this as another package. Both packages are active and in use. Why would this be spam? Then you need to update your spam algorithm in a fairer way.


I’ve edited this as you indicated. It’s been more than 24 hours. The project dependencies have arrived, but the github url still hasn’t arrived.

As far as I understand, you check both in package managers (npm, apt, gems etc) and in github. But the two are not synchronised unfortunately. As I mentioned, on-demand indexing will eliminate this process.

There is no update even though my URL’ address is correct.