Incorrect Github Link on Tea

My old github username somehow got banned… so i created a new one. I’ve finished the repository task and it’s current status is validating the constitution. I’m assuming the reason it’s taking so long is maybe because my other account is not linked properly… what’s the best way to link the correct github account?

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Hello, seems that there is no way to unlink the GitHub account at the moment.

But you mentioned you have created a new one, and finished the repository task, however it is pending validation, so did you put the required tea.yaml to your repositories?

Hi! Did you register your own project or project to which you contributed, or did you select a random project from the list?
To complete the registration process you need to add the tea.yaml file to the project repository.

oh i selected a random project. is that the problem?

Yes, for projects to which you do not contribute you will not be able to complete the registration as you have to add the constitution file to the project repository.

will i be able to create my own one with no one else in it? or does the project have to exist over a certain period?

It must be an existing project that meets these criteria: