🚀 Introducing a New Open Source Project: ethereum-wallet-interactor - Simplify Your Ethereum Wallet Interactions!

Hello Tea Protocol Developer Community!

I’m Engin Akalın, a software developer working on Ethereum-based projects. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you my new open-source project, ethereum-wallet-interactor, designed to make interacting with the Ethereum blockchain a breeze for you.

ethereum-wallet-interactor is a Node.js library that facilitates checking your Ethereum wallet balance and securely performing transactions. Built utilizing powerful tools like web3.js, this library simplifies connecting to the Ethereum blockchain, sending transactions, and querying wallet balances.

Key Features:

  • Wallet Balance Check: Quickly view any Ethereum wallet address balance in ETH.
  • Transaction Sending: Securely send transactions to the Ethereum network using your private key.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Being Node.js-based, you can easily integrate your project on any platform.

Why ethereum-wallet-interactor?

Developing blockchain applications, especially interacting with the Ethereum network, can sometimes be complex and time-consuming. This library offers developers a time-efficient, simple, and understandable API, significantly simplifying this process.

Getting Started:

You can start using our project right away by installing it via npm:
npm install ethereum-wallet-interactor

For more information, usage examples, and documentation, please visit our GitHub and npm page:



ethereum-wallet-interactor is an open-source project and is open to all kinds of contributions. Whether you want to report a bug, suggest a new feature, or work on the code, we welcome your contributions with open arms!

I am excited to share this project with you. Discover how ethereum-wallet-interactor can improve your Ethereum development process in your projects!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for questions, suggestions, or feedback.

Happy coding!


thank you for sharing this information

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your welcome to teaProtocol community :partying_face:

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