Invalid Projects (Disclaimer : I just follow the other's people project)

Hello, can someone explain for me dat’s im register in new projects but it said invalid or it needed to waiting for it?

my button stacking is useless without the OSS project or should i created my own projects on github?


Hello, may I ask are those the projects you own?

If yes, did you upload the provided tea.yaml to the root directory of your project in order to complete the validation?


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Hi, it does not appear like you are the owner of these projects on GitHub. Trying to continuously register projects that are not yours and spamming them with PRs is a bannable offence.

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Hi sir, thx for replying. This is not my own projects dats why it said invalid, so we need to create our projects beside following others?

You cannot register projects that you are not a contributor of. The purpose of tea is to support open source developers so when you try to register a project that belongs to a developer, you are taking away from their rewards. Please do not do this.

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what if im already do that way? did i still bannable? i still create my own projects thx for reminding me and thx for the answer sir