Issues on OSS Project

on this moment i’ve already go to the point 3 of oss project, which is an constitutions review, i still haven’t put the constitutions file into my repository project.

and now when I want to log back into contitutions review, I can’t do that.
in oss reward point, my project is already eligible, so what should I do? need help

Will I not be able to log in again? And for example, if I can log in to the “contitutions review” point, what should I do after I enter the contitutions file into my repository?


Hi, this issue will be fixed soon, please try again later.


this is when I got to point 3 of Register an OSS PRoject “constitution review”
Here I haven’t merged the constitutions file into my repository.

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If you get this error you cannot continue the registration process, how did you get to step 3 and get the constitution file?

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You have to merge the constitution file to the project repository to complete the registration

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On the first try, my project was successfully entered, and I was able to get to point 3,

then I accidently clicked the point below the “what’s next” point in the constitutional review area.

after that I returned to the first point, and the project was as described above
and when I look at the oss reward, my project is there.

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so i just need to merge the constitutional file first into my repository? Do I not have to wait to get back in again? Will the project then be included automaticaly in my oss project after that?

These are different projects, please check the git link for each project to be sure that you are registering your project

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no sir, that’s my project

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Yes, into your project repository, but make sure you selected the right project from the list, there are more projects with similar name.

i still can’t get it, cz my project was on the my OSS reward now

Do I have to repeat and wait for point 1 issues to be completed, or do I continue to the point where I have to enter my contitutional file.

Below is the constitutional file that I got atoss project point 3 before I was expelled.

Learn about tea’s Decentralized Protocol - tea

version: 1.0.0

  • ‘0x8Bb67B2c7561479a319ffC0449BcBb5a57cf07f6’
    quorum: 1

@maestlin need more guidance please

Can you send the git link?


no oss project was linked to my project treasury

You created this repository yesterday, your project is not in teaRank, teaRank is updated daily, check back later, also see more details on how to make your project detectable.

ok, so now i need to merge an constitutional file into my repository and then wait tea team to do his job and my project will automatically listed on my project treasury, that’s ok? last question.

@maestlin For me i merged the file and i’m one of the contributor. But my project facing issue. see below email.

Please advise if anything wrong

You don’t have to merge the current tea.yaml file to the repository, you have to wait until/if your project is eligible and will be in teaRank and then register it, and add YOUR project constitution file (tea.yaml). You previously tried to register another project with a similar name, so check the git link for the project you want to register to make sure it is your project.

Can you send the git link please?