Issues with registering our project

here is the original project git repo: GitHub - UsergeTeam/Userge: Userge, Durable as a Serge

PR i made: Add Tea constitution by K-E-N-W-A-Y 路 Pull Request #542 路 UsergeTeam/Userge 路 GitHub

rewards are paused and it only detected one of our maintainers.

what we should do to resolve this issue?


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Hi! Make sure you register your project. The GitHub link should be to your project.

is there a way to remove and add it again? i can鈥檛 change git url using web ui.

also just noticed auto detected git link is invalid. we move to a org repo.

correct repo: GitHub - UsergeTeam/Userge: Userge, Durable as a Serge

You will have to update the package metadata adding the correct URL

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ok, i鈥檒l check. thank you :slight_smile:

I saw a project very similar to the one I made, is it allowed?
the only difference is to change the function and license, as well as my wallet address.

Hello :slight_smile: can I get information what I am doing wrong that my project is still not visible in the search engine ?

Currently, there are no projects utilizing your package, which is why your project is not detectable in teaRank.

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