Maintainer status not detected

My project finally is visible on tea. But when I try to register the project I get next message: “Maintainer status not detected. It looks like you are not associated with this project and cannot continue registration.”
I’m the owner of this project. The GIT url is correct. My github account is linked to my tea account. My tea username: Orshovskyi. Project name: tea-serg. Project is deployed on npm.


Hi, could you please clear the cache, hard refresh, and then retry the project registration?


Hi. It didn’t help. Here is my second project from the same github. This one I can register

We’ll investigate, may be a bug.

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have u discover how to fix this? im having same problem

Now you should be able to register your project.

Unfortunately I still have the same issue, nothing have changed. I tried hard refresh, relogin and clearing cash

I do not get this notification when I try to register this project. Try another browser.

Tried on another browser, even tried on another laptop. Still getting same notification. Can you register it for me, by any chances? Or it is not possible?

It is not possible for me to register this project.
We will investigate this issue.

I successfully registered another project from the same Github account but didn’t earn any points from it (1000 point that I should get for registering the project).

It’s a known issue, your points will be credited soon.

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