Maintainer status not detected --

My project finally is visible on tea. But when I try to register the project I get next message: “Maintainer status not detected. It looks like you are not associated with this project and cannot continue registration.”
im owner of the project,
Project name : sum-three-number
tea username : FullStuckDevelooper
github : FullStuckDevelooper
project name : sum-three-number

Hi, could you clear the cache, refresh your browser and try again?

nothing happens sir, i was do all u say and it keep say maintener not detected, i even change browser and same happens

Could you publish a new version to npm so it can be reindexed?

will try, im scared about 3 day deadline, and it havent updated

after 20 hours, notthing happens

after 24 hours, its still same, u can see my tea username was same with the repository url