Many bugs in my account and site

there are a lot of problems and bugs in the project

There are many things to pay attention to here for my account:

first, there is no notification on my account, just look at the picture I attached.

second, the project that I registered and stake is not listed in the Home (OSS Staking) → Staked By Me section.

third, I should have gotten 1000 points for the task “Register your open-source project”

please help me, I am very dizzy.

my github and tea username: bragox

my project is npm project:

my project github repository:

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someone help this guy pls

Too many errors and many bug issues on the testnet ( Starting from no notifications on the account, to problems with points not increasing.

Hey, thank you for feedback on the bugs you’ve encountered. We’re working on fixing these issues, including ensuring that all widgets are properly linked to display project information accurately on the homepage.
Also, we are aware of the points not being awarded for completed tasks, rest assured, you will receive the points for your completed tasks.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.