Microsoft Sign Up

There is a problem with sign up and log in through Microsoft Auth3. Discord, Gmail works nice, but that doesnt.

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All my friends has the same problem. It is not a local problem, can the developers solve that?? It is not the first day as it came up

Hi, can you give me some more information, have you tried clearing the cache and restarting the browser?
Which browser are you using?
Do you have any additional security settings in your browser?
Are you using a VPN?

I tried several browser. Last time i tried Microsoft Edge, with full cleared basic settings, cache etc… I dont use vpn. I can login through Gmail, Discord, but not through hotmail

We don’t support Hotmail, at the moment you can only use Google, Microsoft or Discord.

My friends and I have the same problem and can’t sign in using outlook mailbox authorization. We used a browser with chrome 121 kernel and tried firefox, the latest browser, but it didn’t work. I suspect risk threshold is too high to cause the problem

Have you tried clearing your browser cache or a default browser like Safari or Edge?