My ITN Poin Incorrect

Hi sir, I have two problems in this thread:

  1. In the case of taks oolong (Stake to your project’s Bug Bounty Pool) I have completed it on 03-14-24 but the 250 points have not been received until now.
  2. I have calculated the points I got from all the tasks I have completed, but the points I got don’t match the results. I should have got 3750 points but I got 2500 points. the system has corrupted my points by 1250 points.

Please help, my tea username: yeijinxu
Thank You

Hi @yeijinxu, we are working on fixing this issue, rest assured, points for completed tasks will be credited to you soon. Thank you for your patience!

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Hi, I’ve been making this thread for more than 7 days but until now my points haven’t been updated immediately. help me sir


same bug here, I already have projects in stake, but so far I haven’t been credited with these points.

This issue is yet to be fixed. Sorry for the delay.

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So far I haven’t gotten any points, instead I’m experiencing more and more bugs on my account. I have completed many quests but the system does not detect that the quest has been completed (tick) and as a result I do not receive any more points. I’m tired of reporting it but there is no action at all from the team. please help check my account and fix this bug I’m experiencing.

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