My ITN Points Earned did not increase and I was not added to the Early Access list

  • the first project belonged to someone else namely sandboxvc when I was already added to contributors and still didn’t get any additional points (belonged to someone else)
  • my second project is tealabs, and still haven’t gotten any extra points credited to my tea account (it’s my own)
  • my friend’s third project is tokyovc, and I still haven’t got any extra points in my tea account (my friend’s)

is there a bug or problem resulting in points not being credited to my tea account?

Hi @sanztiva, we are aware of this issue and are working on fixing it. Your points will be assigned to you soon.

If ITN Points Earned have been credited to my Tea account, will I automatically enter the Early Access list or not?

No, the top 50k according to the ITN leaderboard were included in teabot 1. Very soon it will be open to all.

so what’s the difference between the top 50k users and those outside the top 50k users, are there any differences in rewards or other benefits?

There is absolutely no difference.