My NPM project is not valid


Hi, we’re working on a fix now, we’ll let you know when the fix is ready.

how do i solve ?
i have been add git repos

Once the fix is in place we will keep you updated with the next steps.

my project always invalid sir

Are you trying to register projects you have contributed to or random projects from the list?

random prjocets from the list sir.Is it wrong?

You will not be able to complete registration for projects to which you have not contributed and to which you don’t have permission to perform direct commits.

so i am not able to create projects sir?

You can register projects you have contributed to, NOT random projects from the list.

that’s my project, the problem is I forget set my repos that link to my GitHub. but I’ve already solve it. I already add my repos to my npm project.

can u help me sir… my project still get a problem