My OSS Project still not added to TEA

my NPM project was published 24hours+ but still not added

npm: @legendsky/heloyou - npm
github: GitHub - itsLegendSky/heloyou: this is heloyou project, see you on top!

dependencies and dependents :white_check_mark:

last topic:


Hi, we’ll investigate this issue and I’ll get back to you with a response.


hi @maestlin , K sir!


hi, mine project can’t found in tea as well
here’s the link:

would you help me check or am I did something wrong?


hi, my project can’t found in tea as well:

please check

Mine too

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@maestlin Hi, My oss project cant find too.
github: Dylanma1994/auto-msg-discord (
npm: auto-msg-discord - npm (

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Have you published your project to a supported package manager?

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Your project is not shown in teaRank because it has 0 dependents, it must have at least one.

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Your project has 0 dependents, to be teaRank detectable it must have at least one

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My project hasnt add to tea too, i have full qualification and i will grow with TEA protocol, but how to my project add on TEA?

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same problem bro i need help also plz help

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same error, please check @maestlin

We are investigating this, will keep you updated.

Thanks for the work! my project fits all the requirement but still can’t index on the site, but I’ll waiting for your response and then add my project to tea

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Please add mine project for the invesigation, Sir!

@maestlin any update on newly created project not showing on tearank issue?

As this is a recently published project it may take longer to be indexed.

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