My OSS project still not showed in the TEA list eligible project

Hi, admin or moderator.

Can you please help me why my project still not available in the list?
I think my project already meet the criteria.

Here my project:

am I missing something?

Thank you!

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You may need time to be detected in the OSS Tea project

i’ve made 2 project but both still not available in the list too…
i have been waiting for more than 24 hour

Hi, your project isn’t detectable yet, either because it hasn’t been indexed due to its recent publication, or it hasn’t passed the anti-spam system.

Both of your projects lack dependencies. Please ensure that each project has at least one dependency.

Hi, its been 2 days, My project still not available in the list. Can I see if my project flagged as a spam or something?

Keep building and advancing your project, and its visibility and impact will increase, resulting in a higher teaRank eventually.