My OSS Projects

i want to ask for everyone here
this my step im created oss project

  1. Open the Tea account.
  2. Scroll down to the “OSS” section.
  3. Register a New OSS Project.
  4. Create a name.
  5. Go to GitHub to create a repository and match the name with the one created in the Tea OSS project.
  6. Upload the file.
  7. Wait for the team to approve.

Regarding your question about “Validating Constitution,” if this is correct, why does it say, “Steeping into a little hiccup! We encountered an issue registering your project, and it looks like the constitution file was not merged in time. Reach out to support for help.”

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Hi! You need to register an actual project that you own or contribute to and have write access to. Just creating a repository with a project-like name in teaRank doesn’t mean it’s your project.