My Poject still not found on OSS database

Hello Tea Teams,

I already registered a project and why still not found in OSS register tea?
Would you like to check it for me? npm i jarwohoktea


Hi, your project currently has 0 dependents. To be detectable, it needs to have at least one dependent. See:

Hi sir, thank you for replies, but I already checked and I have 3 dependencies on npmjs (publisher). Thank you

It seems your project has 3 dependencies but no dependents.

Would you like to check it again sir? I already add 2 dependents, thank you

You’ll need to wait for the recent updates in your project to be indexed.

The problem is that my project is not registered, I have already created about 10 projects, not one has been added, what should I do?

Make sure your projects meet all the criteria:

Hello sir, How to fix invalid URL, I think I already completed valid url

Please publish a new version to the package manager so it can be reindexed.