My project can't be found on tesnet tea for 4 days already

my projectname “kingfutures” can’t appear in tea to register my project into tesnet tea so I can complete the quest and get 1000 points.

Hi, consider that we have an anti-spam system implemented and for new published projects it may take longer to be detectable.
Publishing a new version will help increase the visibility of your project.

okay, I just upgraded my version to 4.4.5 will it appear in tea tesnet? btw how long does it take to appear?

This is an automated process, if it meets the criteria and passes the anti-spam system it should be detectable in the tea app within 24h.

my project is already in tea, but why the url is not detected and cannot register my project because of an error. you can see my npm here: kingfutures - npm is there something wrong?

Your project has a valid URL, wait for the last published version to be indexed