My project can't be registered

i can’t register my project please help me out

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Hey @activefibre, share please the git and package manager links.

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i registered my project but it cant be found under my profile, what can i do

Where did you register your project? If you have registered it on tea then you can find it on the “My OS Projects” page.
Share please your project links.

sir can you help me, How do I register my OSS project? Because every time I try it always fails
this is my git link : dickymaulana02 (Muhammad Dicky Maulana) · GitHub

please help me sir

here is my page GitHub - natron34/nathan-py: Nathan-py

Is this your project?

Could I have the link to your project? (Not your GitHub page)

i can’t register my project please help me out

Share please your project’s links.

@maestlin project hosted on pypi link:FlutterwaveDjango · PyPI
GitHub link:- GitHub - surdma/FlutterWaveDjango: FlutterwaveDjango - A Django Integration Library for Flutterwave Payments

At the moment, there are no other projects that would depend on your package.

i can not register my project


i cant see also my project , i need to wait