My project couldn't found valid url while npmjs have url

Previously, I can’t found my project on tea, but now I can. while I was trying to register my project, it shows that it can’t found valid git url

but when I go to my project space, it have valid url

here’s my npm space:

@maestlin would you kindly check when you have spare time? sorry for the direct ping

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We have applied a fix for the invalid source URL error. Please publish a new version of your package today so that it can be re-indexed and you can successfully register your project.

after publish new version of package, it will be re-indexed in 24 hours right?

Yes, within 24 hours.

I’ve update the package and wait for 24 hrs, but still seems like couldn’t found valid url

Maestlin via The tea Forum <> 于2024年3月2日周六 17:50写道:

Is my project setup correctly?

@maestlin does I setup my package.json right?

(sorry for the ping)

Yes, this is a valid format

I’ve updated it via this format, still need to wait up to 24 hours to wait for re-index I guess?

Yes, within 24h it should be detectable