My project is not valid on tea testnet


Hey @bingo51234324, could you share the link to your project?

My repository github : GitHub - Bingo51234324/ayamftpur

My npm : ayamftpur - npm


It seems like there’s nothing wrong, but why is it still invalid? I hope this can be seen


You failed to validate the constitution file because you changed its name, it must be tea.yaml.
Delete the “Ayamftfurtea” file and repeat the registration process. Once downloaded, do not make any changes to the tea.yaml file.

I can’t access these repositories (404), they are probably private or don’t exist.

Done sir, can there be a review, like this?


Yes, now you should validate the constitution file.

Done how do I stake After I validate, do I have to wait again?


On the project page, click “Manage Bug Bounty Poll”, enter the amount and stake.

Sir, like I haven’t gotten points for stakes yet, sir

This is a UI issue, it will be fixed soon and you will be able to stake.

Is this quote coming to an end soon? Do I Still have time for stake

Challenge 1 ends in 4 hours, at the moment, I can’t give you a deadline on when this issue will be fixed.

Hmm OK, I hope the time for this quest can be extended further because of the problems that have not been resolved @maestlin And thank you for helping me, I really appreciate it