My project is on krates, but it didn't show up on tea. It's been 5 days!

Hi, I made a project as needed, that there were dependencies and dependencies, all links inserted, but for some reason my project does not appear on the tea, it’s been 5 days! Please help me to solve this problem. I wrote the code personally, I tried, but for some reason it is not there yet

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Hi, can you send the project links please?

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OFC! - Rust Package Registry

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I was told that I did everything correctly, I’ve been waiting for more than 5 days, I’ve spent a lot of time on the project and I want to participate, but I’m just waiting for a long time!

although many people pass in 1-3 days…

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It seems to meet the criteria but has not yet passed the anti-spam system as it is a newly published project. Developing, growing and publishing new versions to crates will speed up this process and increase its teaRank.


but… someone passed in a couple of days with a weaker rating, why do I still have to wait? is it possible to check it manually?

Please tell me when is the end of the campaign? Until what date do I have to do more?

I’ve already wasted a lot of time but now I’m just waiting for it to pass some kind of anti-spam check…

There are millions of OSS projects, and they aren’t checked manually. Once they meet the criteria and pass the anti-spam system, they become detectable in teaRank.
You’ll be able to register your project until the end of the testnet on May 15, but points for this task are only awarded until the end of challenge 1 on March 13.
Keep building your project to increase its visibility.

March 13th? I have a few days left…

please give me some tips that can help me to pass this anti-spam system faster, I have spent a lot of time and I don’t want to be left behind!!!

I have already made a suggestion about this:

How do I develop it? I’m not an experienced developer, but I already know something, tell me.

Grow your project, publish new versions to the package manager, connect with other devs who will use the solutions provided by your project.


my project is called so on crates, on tea should I type it in the search? I improved my project, optimized it added a few new features, downloads have gone

I hope this helps.
or else I’ll be disappointed very much…

Yes, when searching in teaRank you have to enter the same name as on package manager.

My project is already more than 11 days on kratesa, I am constantly improving and adding to it, but it still does not appear on tea in the projects, it’s ridiculous, they say about some anti-spam system, damn project has downloaded already 1200 + people, this is not enough? The project is written by hand, but it does not appear there for some reason. Some people pass and for 1-2 days, I can not for 11 days! I killed a lot of time on it and very frustrated, I do not understand how it works!

Some projects may not make it through the anti-spam system or may take a longer period of time to do so. This is not a manual process, rather, the Proof of Contribution algorithm indexes projects and assigns them a teaRank accordingly.

Apparently your teaRank is working very badly, very badly!
since it’s been over 10 days and it looks like a joke.

You don’t need to tell me to develop the project and so on, I added some new features to it, downloads went up, but apparently still doesn’t want to.

And the last day is left and I just can’t make it. I’m very upset.