My project is OSS but i dont use any popular package managers

My project is OSS, but i don’t use any popular package managers.
And i don’t plan to use it, it has iOS, Android and PWA clients.

So is it possible to be get funded or collect funds by using
I think it should be. If you agree, i want to add my project here as well.

TL;DR: I’ve created a free and 100% Open Source Alternative to Tandem app called languageXchange, which functions similarly to Tandem but still in beta phase, we update daily with a focus on language exchange and practice. Our community is growing so fast, I launched this app a month ago, and now we are more than 10 contributors actively, from design to digital marketing, from SEO, ASO to accessibility, and we love testers as well!! Everyone does what they can do best! I’m really so happy to see results ! Available for free on iOS, Android and Web-App.


Hi! Delighted that you are interested in registering your project under the tea protocol, however in order to be registered you must publish your project to one of the supported package managers: APT, Crates, Homebrew, npm, pkgx, PyPI, RubyGems.


But we dont have cli or similar libraries, its on ios and android and also PWA🤖

W don’t have any further plan that we can publish it any of package managers.

So that do you have any future plan that you can support OSS projects like us ?


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Please visit the tea app, when searching for your project select the form “Can’t find my project” and fill in this form, possible future changes will be made based on these requests.


Already did it :smiley: thank you. It is really good project if you do OSS funding well. Because a lot of OSS is suffering from out of budget issues.


I decided to upload all repo to npm to add tea :slight_smile: lets shake the world all together !

I decided to upload this project npm for the the to support and did it

then i released 3 versions and with the latest version i announced the project has been initiated and supported.

However, here i still cannot see the projects yet after i publish into npm 48hours later, can you please check it for me ?


You’ll just have to wait, your project has to pass the spam filter as it is newly published.


it wasnt like so slow before, after 3d, still waiting :thinking:

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Can you please check this project is it filtered by spam or not ? After a week, i cant see.

Meanwhile we have change our app name and name of the organization.

It is not possible to check the status of a project or approve it manually.

so then what you suggest ?

Any activity, development, and growth of your project will enhance its detectability in teaRank.

its still under development, ok continious commits pushing day by day and releases push npm as well :slight_smile: