My project not listed in tea

this is my project, why not listed in tea?

Hi, it seems your project hasn’t passed the anti-spam system yet since it was published recently. Additionally, you need to specify repository.url for your package.

can you please check again, i update my repo url in npm

You need to publish the updated repository.url to npm.

this is what you mean right?

can u pls follow up bout my project that not listed on tea

thanks for ur help

At the moment you have to wait for your project to be detectable in teaRank, however it would have a positive effect if you continue developing your project.

what is this mean?

Looks like you updated the URL format and published a new version, wait for this to be indexed.
Both URL formats are supported, but this is an issue we are working on fixing.

okay, btw how can i add more teaRank on my project
do i need to get more dependents that ppl used my project or what
thanks for u help

hi maestlin, i still have a problem like i said before about repo url
sorry for disturb you



You’ll have to wait, we’re working on this, and the latest version hasn’t been indexed yet as it was only published 7 hours ago.

hi can you please help me., there is no update on my project


its been 2 days

You will have to wait, or publish a new version for it to be reindexed.

its 10 right now, if i publish new version again i need to wait more
the end of the testnet is 7 hours from now right?

The publication of a new version will not affect the indexation period of the previous version.

thanks for ur help now i can register my project
but when i try to stake my project even the stake is success
the stats of my project is still 0 can you please help me?