My Project Not unDetected For Register OSS Project

My project didnt detect when register oss project i already add tea.yml

here is my npm project


Hi! Similar to your previous project, it was published an hour ago and currently has no dependents or dependencies, which means it doesn’t meet the requirements yet. Furthermore, if your project doesn’t have teaRank, it’s not possible to have added tea.yaml.
Please refer to the criteria for more details:

can you check it again cause there is dependency and its upload 3 days ago

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Hi @maestlin , mine too uploaded to npmjs 3 days ago and has required dependencies and git url. what is the issue?

Your project isn’t detectable yet, either because it hasn’t been indexed due to its recent publication, or it hasn’t passed the anti-spam system.

my project detect now but said

No valid URL detected on project repository page. Verify URL in the project repository is available or valid

im already update my repository link, can u recheck it thanks

The URL has a valid format, please wait for the last published version to be indexed.

thanks bro for responding