My project URL is still not detected in the OSS register tea

sir can you help me my project URL is still not read in tea register and I have changed it in my package.json which was originally

“url”: “git+”

delete (git+)

I hope you can check it out package.json

my project regist oss tea “discord07”

Hi, we are working on fixing this issue, in the meantime you could publish a new version, to be reindexed.

I have updated to the latest version 3 days ago,

I hope my project “discord07” will be indexed quickly sir, I updated the latest version 3 days ago

You can register it, your project has a valid URL.

I have checked it now it is valid thanks for the information sir

I got the same error.
Here is my OSS :double-contracts - npm.
Could U help me?

Hey @user1096 , you need to update the URL format to HTTPS:
“repository”: {
“type”: “git”,
“url”: “GitHub - emojidao/Double-npm

Thanks, I’ll try it.