My reward not enabled after i add some dependent on my project, (my reward is enable before that)

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Hello, could you send your tea username and treasury address of the project?

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my username : muhamad-ramadhani
my treasury address : 0x2d2fc5b6ec04e3961c3cc2a00896219210e5efaf

thank you for respond

What is the status of the project on the “My OSS Projects” page?

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Reward Active but when I click the details, it shows reward not enabled, can you help me?

can you help me, what should i do?

We are working on fixing this issue.

okay buddy, thanks a lot

i have the same problem :sob: pls help

my treasury address 0x88f43a54c9a3c84e2590f2ddd8145cf71ab9ba9e

I think there is still some bugs, you can check your stake rewards, if it’s still available it think it’s okay