My treasury token dissapear

tommorow im receiving 10k tea token in my treasury, now the token dissapear.

tea username : kehed10
treasury address : 0x4230a52d862e43aa99096ff6963d17333843179c

Hi, you have staked your tokens to Bug Bounty Poll.

yes im staked in bug bounty pool but not all the token, im just staked 2.500 token, why all token dissapear?

like you see in this picture, i only stake 2700 toekn, then why all the token dissapear?

and there is no information in explorer my staked tea token successfull or not

You have successfully staked all 10k tokens from the project treasury towards the Bug Bounty Poll. You can view the transactions for confirmation.

but i never staked 10k. i only staked 2.700!