No valid url, but my pakacge is already including my github repository url where the package is save

I have already add url on my npm package before the publish, but the url cant show at TEA

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Hi, could you send the npm link please?

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hi, my proj can’t find url as well. here’s my npm link zshop - npm

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here my npm sir : link js-smartcontract-ethereum - npm

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got the same issue,

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got same issue, here are my packages:

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We have a fix in place, for projects published in the last few days try again in 48h, URLs should be displayed correctly.


okay sir, thank you, we will be waiting

We have applied a fix for the invalid source URL error. Please publish a new version of your package today so that it can be re-indexed and you can successfully register your project.

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okay sir, thank you so much for helping

mine too valir-ui

but i’ll release new version today

if you release a new version, you need to be waiting for 24 hours or more to daily sync on TEA sir, but your project is 0 dependents too, i sugest you to add 1 or more dependents

i’ve already add dependent but in npm it dont shows

you need to update your npm by update the version npm

already sir, today, i hope it will be fixed soon