No valid URL detected on My Project

My OSS project finally showed up, but I still got error “No valid URL detected on project repository page” despite registering the repository address properly.
I saw on the forums that many other people were experiencing the same error, and the team had fixed the issue and told them to deploy a new version to fix it.

However, even though I released the new version, I am still getting the same error. Do I have to wait another 24 hours or so?

Link Github :

Link NPM :

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Hi, we’re actively working on resolving the issue. In the meantime, could you please publish a new version of your project? This will help in triggering the reindexing process.

I have published this project twice, and it took a very long time, around 5 days to be eligible. If I publish again, will it be fast? Meanwhile, tomorrow is the last time to register for the OSS Project

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It took 5 days because your project was newly published, and there’s also an anti-spam system in place. If you publish a new version, it should be indexed within 24 hours.