No valid URL detected on project repository page - PyPi

Why does it show “No valid URL detected on project repository page.”. Going to PyPi solana-inscription-py · PyPI, the homepage button links to my Github.


Hi, please update the package metadata with the correct URL.


Which metadata and URL? The PyPi package page links to my github correctly.

i’m also having this same issue. have you found a fix yet?

me too. how to fix it?
my repo: better-proxy · PyPI

Your project does not have project_urls.source

Change it from project_urls.homepage to project_urls.source:

should the ‘s’ in source be capital letter ‘S’ {“Source”:“url”} or lower letter ‘s’ {“source”:“url”} ?

“S”, it must be capital letter.

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This worked for me. Thanks

better-proxy · PyPI

still invalid url!! help plz

Your project is missing project_urls.source, please add it:


are you sure?

I added the link last night

It appears to be correct. I was looking at the previous version. Now, you just need to wait for it to be indexed.

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