Not detected on teaRank, I've published on NPM also github

I have published my project to NPM, also my github account and uploaded constitution file (tea.yml).
But I still can not find my project.
this is link to my package:

I need solution. TIA

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Hi, at step 3 of the project registration, you need to download tea.yaml and add it to your project repository.
However, your project must first be detectable in teaRank. Currently, it’s not detectable because it didn’t meet all the criteria; it has 0 dependents, it must have at least 1.
Please review the criteria for more information:

Hi maestlin, please recheck, Do I meet all the criteria?
npm link: @takadotdev/evmscan - npm
github link: GitHub - takachan0012/evmscan: Ethereum Virtual Machine Scanner

thank in advance.

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It seems that your project now meets the criteria. Please wait a while for it to be indexed.

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how long?, till now still not detected :melting_face:

teaRank is updated daily, so it may take at least 24 hours for your project to be indexed.

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Well. noted thank in advance