NPM project still not detected after 24 hours

got my library published more than a day

it have valid git, dependant and dependencies, but still not shown


Me too
github: Dylanma1994/auto-msg-discord (
npm: auto-msg-discord - npm (

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Your project has 0 dependents, it must have at least one.

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Hi! We will check it and get back to you.

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Ok! Thank u bro! Hope tea better!

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i have valid repo since my own but not listing.

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My project same.

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My project same:

my project same
NPM : to-rupiah - npm search
GITHUB: GitHub - muhamadluthfiam/to-rupiah

It’s not enough just to have a repository, you need to publish your project to a supported package manager.

We are currently investigating all recently created and published packages to a package manager, please be patient.

Ok, Hope soon.
Just these two conditions are not enough.
Hope announce correct rule.

My project as well.