Option to sign in with github disappeared

I have joined to tea.xyz via github. But now I was magically logged out, and there is no option to sign in with github

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log in again, it can happen because of techinical glitch

how i can login? i’ve signed in with github and now there is no github option. how i can log in?

Hi, logging in with GitHub was never an option. During registration, you had to use a Microsoft, Google, or Discord account, and later, you could connect your GitHub account. Please ensure that you are using the same account you used for sign-up.

I logged in with a google account and tied my project. However, I have modified the email address of my google account, so that my identity cannot be recognized by tea when I log in with google again. What should I do

You need to use the same email address that you used at signup, to log into your account.