Please help delete invalid projects

Dear there, could you please help delete my invalid projects so I can re-register them. It looks like validate constituion conflicts with previous failed registration. My tea username is miralandlabs. Thank you in advance.

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Hi, currently, it’s not possible to delete invalid projects. If these projects belong to you, please repeat the registration process, and the project will be validated.

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Could you send the package manager link?

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For rust project, It’s cargo.
For js project, It’s npm or yarn.

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Can you send links to your projects on these package managers?

  1. rust project names: solarti-math, solarti-memo, solarti-token-cli
    they are crates under repo:
    GitHub - miraland-labs/solarti-program-library: Solarti programs for Miraland blockchain
    They are published to Rust Package Registry Rust Package Registry Rust Package Registry

2: js project name: @miraplex/miraplex-token-metadata
which is under this repo:

and was published to at:
@miraplex/miraplex-token-metadata - npm

Thank you very much!

Validation fails for all these projects? Could you send a screenshot?

Thank you! We will investigate this issue.

How long does it take to validate projects

A few minutes, but here it seems to be a different case.

Less than 10 seconds to report validation failed.

Any results or conclusions for my projects? They are still not validated.

The function to delete invalid projects is not available yet. Currently, they cannot be deleted.

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