Please help me, how long does it take for the project we make to be approved by the team? because I haven't found my project in this tea for 2 days

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Hi, projects are not manually approved by the team. They are automatically indexed and detectable in teaRank once they meet all requirements.
Make sure your project meets the criteria, and keep growing it!

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this is my OSS project sir ghost-dpk - npm please check again because I updated it 2 days ago

It appears that your project meets the minimum requirements, but please keep in mind that we also have an anti-spam system in place.
Continuously building and growing your project will likely enhance its rank and eventually make it detectable in the tea app.

so what should I do now? on the tea OSS website my project was not found

Develop, grow your project and publish new releases to npm.

@nanang055/ghost-dpk - npm This is a project that I have not previously developed and this is a project that I have developed ghost-dpk - npm So where should I develop it, sir, please help

Develop your project to have more dependents and impact in the OSS space.

My OSS project is not detected on the website, sir