Please help me restore my oss project

hello, I have some problems when doing testnet on

first, I have registered my project (npm) into without adding other contributors (only me), then I staked my project.

then, my friend registered a project too (same as me, npm project), but when registering the project, my friend added me as a contributor.

Then the problem is, on my account dashboard, the project I registered is missing, and there is only my friend’s project.

How can I restore the project that I registered first?

my tea account: 0xgass
my project:
GitHub - itsLegendSky/heloyou: this is heloyou project, see you on top! (github)
@legendsky/heloyou - npm (my npm project)
my address:

this is my friend’s project:
tea account: hokmeplz
GitHub - hokmeplz/organize-rename: ORGANIZE and RENAME the file! (github)

my project:

Hi, did you add your friend as a contributor to the first registered project?

The bottom line is this:

I have my own project, there are no contributors to my project, and I registered the project myself on my account. Project named @legendsky/heloyou

then my friend also registered his project, but he invited me as a contributor to his project.

then, on my dashboard, my project is not displayed (@legendsky/heloyou), what is displayed is my friend’s project.

Do you not understand this?

I didn’t add anyone else to my own project, my friend invited me to his project so my project disappeared on the dashboard and was replaced by my friend’s project.

Is my explanation not clear enough?

@maestlin Are you confused too?

@mawadda bro, help me

Sorry this got lost in the other threads. In the account where you see your friend’s project but not yours, can you click on the dropdown and copy your tea address and DM it to me?