Please help me to setup project URL

Hi, I’m having my github project (which was found by Tea browser). But it says that URL is not valid.

How to add URL to my project?I already added it to package.json

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Hi, it seems you’ve updated the URL. Publish these updates to npm, and in 24 hoursit should be indexed.

Okay thanks, will wait a bit.


Tea still didn’t update my project and it still has no valid URL

At what time does the Tea indexes all projects?

Hi! The Proof of Contribution algorithm indexes them daily, there are millions of OSS projects so I can’t tell you exactly what time your project will be indexed.

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Hi, another day is passed, still not updates on Tea indexer. how is that possible?

Could you update repository.url to:
“repository”: {
“type”: “git”,
“url”: “GitHub - dlenskyi/react-native-daterange-picker: A React Native component for picking date ranges or single dates.
and publish the new version.


Thanks, will wait another day